BORDERS Expo Lublin 2017

Oct 27, 2017 | News

On October 25-26, 2017, the Eastern Conference and Border Protection Fair “BORDERS” took place in Lublin. The leitmotif of the event was the tightness of the borders on the eastern flank of the European Union, the associated challenges, as well as the planned modernization of the equipment of Polish services and border infrastructure.

At this conference, Spartaqs had the opportunity to exchange experiences and present its own vision of ensuring border security in the east of the European Union in the era of new technological challenges.

The company demonstrated the VECTOR V8 dronoid at its stand. It is a fast intercepting dronoid, which is a key element in combating foreign drones in the Antidron Shield System. In addition, the company presented an offer of its other dronoids and modern technologies for uniformed services, which can be successfully used for observation, sealing and border protection. Numerous visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with, inter alia, the Spartaqs flight planner, which enables a fully autonomous dronoid mission, without the need for a pilot-operator and third parties, and a mobile command station for units working in the field.



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