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Spartaqs Dronoids Displayed at the Seminar at the 12th Mechanized Brigade in Szczecin

Jul 7, 2023 | News, Uncategorized

On June 7, 2023, we had the pleasure of participating in an event organized by the military unit of the 12th Mechanized Brigade in Szczecin. As the only company in the drone sector in Poland, we showcased our innovative technologies at the Garnizonowa Krzekowo shooting range.

As part of the two-day seminar, invited manufacturers presented their equipment, and we were delighted to be among them. We showed the participants of the event the capabilities of our drone constructions: XTerminator, Spider in an observational version, and Hermes II equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

Our drones, used in simulated operational actions, gained considerable interest from the event participants. The real effects of drones used during the war in Ukraine attracted a large number of people interested in their potential use by the Polish army to our booth.

We noticed that our latest innovations, such as the Hermes II dronoid with a precise drop system and the Spider dronoid enabling a fast, precise, and quiet flight to the chosen target, were of particular interest.

During the event, we had many discussions with seminar participants, which allowed us to better understand and familiarize ourselves with the real needs of our product users. We believe that a product designed and created from scratch in Poland, based on Polish know-how, is the key to meeting the stringent standards of the military sector.

For us, as representatives of the drone industry in Poland, this event was of great cognitive value and motivated us to continue working on improving our products.

We thank the 1st Motorized Infantry Battalion of Legions for the received statuette with thanks for participating in the Seminar on command procedures at the team – platoon – company level. The structure and armament of motorized infantry meeting the requirements of the modern battlefield, and the event organizers for the opportunity to participate in the seminar.


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