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Spartaqs Group dronoids at the IFRE-EXPO fair in Kielce!

Jun 20, 2023 | News, Uncategorized

On June 15-17, 2023, company Remiza Sp. z o.o She presented our revolutionary dronoid – Fire Fighter, dedicated to firefighters, at the Kielce IFRE-EXPO fair. This advanced, specialized dronoid is an indispensable tool for the work of fire brigades.
The Fire Fighter platform presented its capabilities to the visitors.
Fire Fighter V8CI is a dronoid equipped with specialized equipment that is able to locate fire sources, analyze its spread and supervise firefighting operations What’s more, thanks to the chemical and pyrotechnic extinguishing charge, after detecting the fire source in the early phase of the fire, the dronoid effectively eliminates it.
The Fire Fighter platform works perfectly with ground firefighting teams. It is a comprehensive solution that provides an effective and quick response in the fight against fires.
But it is not everything! In addition to the Fire Fighter, other Spartaqs dronoids could also be seen at the fair. Helidron, as a dronoid for water rescue, and mAreus, as a drone to manage fire, chemical and natural disaster rescue operations, will provide comprehensive solutions for rescue services.
Thank you to the company Remiza Sp. z o.o for the opportunity to present Spartaqs Group technology at the Kielce IFRE-EXPO fair, which provided an excellent opportunity to familiarize ourselves with modern technologies supporting firefighting and rescue operations.


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