Spartaqs on the Droniada 2019

Jun 10, 2019 | News

On June 5-8, the sixth edition of Droniada – a competition for academic teams in special missions using drones and information analysis systems – took place in which we took an active part for the third time, this time as a strategic partner.

As every year, all gathered had the opportunity to see our flagship projects (a new version of the Ares V4C drone with a modified chassis, Helidrone II rescue helicopter), as well as the latest models of dronoids (Areus, Hermes V8 Cargo, Mareus and Fireball) that caused excitement and interest among observers.

This year’s Droniada is a conglomerate of various seminars, meetings and presentations, both for participants and representatives of local government as well as uniformed services. Sławomir Huczała, Chief Designer and Co-owner of Spartaqs, took part in the seminar called “Drones over the city”, who presented the gathered analysis of the current state of the drone market in Poland and the possibilities of its development in the context of U-Space. During his speech, Sławomir Huczała emphasized an important issue related to the safe use of drones in urban space, namely the need to use drone propeller guards to reduce accidents and increase the possibility of trouble-free landing, even in densely built-up areas. He also made a comparative analysis of the ADSB and FLARM systems, showing the superiority of the second system over the first one and presenting FLARM as “necessary and indispensible on installations such as drones.” Thus, he set the direction that the development of drone technology should follow when it comes to air traffic early notification systems for unmanned machinery pilots. In the second part of his speech, Sławomir Huczała compared widely available and willingly used constructions with those dedicated to the specific needs of industry and services. He pointed out that turnkey drone solutions for a given industry and client, taking into account their specificity, guarantee safe and long-lasting operation and optimization of working time, which should be allocated to the implementation of a given task. The above conditions condition the adaptation of the construction and materials to the demanding environmental conditions in which drones often have to work. As an example, Sławomir Huczała gave the assembled fire drone Fire Fighter a Spartaqs construction, whose frame is made of aluminum, thanks to which it is resistant to high temperatures, and the systems on the drone are adapted to the specifics of the work of fire brigades.

The level of Droniada increases with each subsequent edition, and the next year is more and more demanding competition and more interesting struggles. This year’s “Pass the brick” drone competition, whose originator was Sławomir Huczała from the Spartaqs company, aroused great emotions and gathered many fans who cheered on their favorites whose task was to transfer the drone foam bricks in the shortest possible time from point A to B. In time with level of difficulty of the said competition, the skills and knowledge of its participants are also growing. In this edition, students also fought for one of the higher prizes that could be obtained in the drone competition in this part of Europe. For taking first, second and third place GZM (Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis) funded players with cash prizes, whose total pool for the first three places was 50 thousand zlotys. All participants and winner deserve great congratulations and wishes for further successes and further development.

Droniada 2019 is the success of both academic teams and organizers. Special thanks go to Mr. Sławomir Kosieliński – the President of the “Instytut Mikromakro” Foundation and the main originator of the competition, for the enormity of work put into the implementation of the project and for the extraordinary commitment to make it an important and known milestone on the drone map of Poland. We are convinced that next year’s Droniada edition will bring us even more emotions and positive impressions, and students will surprise us again with drone designs and solutions, which will constitute a prelude to the wide application of these machines in industry and other industries.

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