Is the combination of rocket and drone technologies possible? The design solutions of Sławomir Huczała show that it is! Portal Gadż

May 19, 2020 | Media about us

We invite you to read the article by Adam Bednarek “Drone revolution in the Polish sky. Parcel transport possible later this year” published on portal Gadż  

Dariusz Werschner, president of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems, discussed the problem of legislative deficiencies regarding the introduction of drone services on a large scale, while pointing to the fact of the industry’s readiness to provide these services.

He talks about the use of drone technologies outside of Poland, and also presents several innovative technological solutions by Sławomir Huczała, the main designer and co-owner of Spartaqs.

“Arocket drone is a new type of aircraft. The rocket allows to deliver the drone within a few minutes over a distance of many kilometers to the target area. Then the rocket engine module is discarded and the drone is left alone. We have it in place and we can carry out the mission over a target area – deliver cargo or observe. Such technology is present in Poland and has been developed in Silesia. This is an example of technology that is ahead of its time. – explains Werschner.

Another example of the use of unmanned technologies by Huczała is a fire-fighting drone, which extinguishes fires not with water, but with special extinguishing charges. This is a technology that has never been created anywhere in the world. The machine is protected by special covers that prevent the electronics from overheating – thanks to this the device will fly closer and be more effective. ”

The article is available on the portal Gadż


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