Advanced development work on the OWL Vision II project carried out with the National Center for Research and Development

Apr 7, 2022 | News

For a year, at Spartaqs, we have been conducting development work on a specialized drone platform with exceptional capabilities, carried out as part of a project with the National Center for Research and Development.

OWL VISION II, as this design is called, is a type of tethered device, the characteristic feature of which is the possibility of staying in the air for many hours at an altitude of up to 200 m The dronoid is able to automatically drop the power harness, which makes it an autonomous platform, capable of carrying out an independent flight within a radius of 2 km from the mobile command center (installed on the vehicle) as a reconnaissance drone.

The overriding feature of OWL Vision II is its extraordinary size, which allows the lifting capacity of a dozen kilograms optoelectronic head and staying with it for many hours. Another innovative feature is the ability to carry sonic radar, which can indicate the source of artillery, rocket or sniper fire. This dronoid can also be used for early detection of other unmanned aerial vehicles, and also be used as a mobile retransmission station – repeater for data, image and other information transmitted via radio waves.

The platform will be tested in flight soon.

We invite you to follow the progress of work on the project, which we will present on the company’s website and Spartaqs Group social.


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