Spartaqs took the floor to support the Polish UAV industry in a letter to the Prime Minister.

May 28, 2020 | News

On May 11, 2020, the Spartaqs company spoke on the support of the Polish industry of Unmanned  Flying Systems in an open letter to Prime Minister Mateuszaw Morawiecki. 

The chairman of GZM  and 11 representatives of BSP companies, including Spartaqs, sent a  letter to the Prime Minister with an appeal to develop the potential of Polish drones and protect Polish producers by supporting this branch of the Polish economy. 

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, automated platforms are used both in the performance  of complex missions in  crisis areas and in the everyday life of citizens, protecting  them and making their lives easier.

Successful flight of the Spartaqs Hermes V8MT dronoid, which is on board transported samples for Covid-19 testing between the two hospitals in Warsaw on April 29, 2020, showed the readiness of the drone industry to carry out tasks in both the public and commercial sectors. It is worth noting that it was the first successful medical transport in Poland and Europe from using UAV technology.

The current world situation clearly shows that drone technologies are needed, and there are many possibilities for their use.  However, it should be remembered that the basis for the development of the drone industry is the support of Polish entrepreneurs by state authorities. 

We invite you to read the  document below, as well as to watch the film summarizing the historic transport flight of the Hermes dronoid V8MT  over Warsaw.


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