SPECIAL AWARD OF THE PRESIDENT OF KIELCE FAIR, IDIE 2018 – for the centenary of independent Poland

Sep 11, 2018 | News

On September 4 – 7, Spartaqs participated for the first time in the International Defense Industry Exhibition at Kielce Fair 2018, presenting its technologies to an international audience. The company’s products were available at two stands – inside and outside the market hall. Four products were presented at the external stand:  
  • Mobile command station based on the Polaris General 1000 vehicle,
  • LDR-Z – Land Hazard Recognition Dronoid,
  • LDR – Land Scout Dronoid with microdronoid on board,
  • Helidrone II – Water Rescue Dronoid.
  At the internal stand, delegates from all around the world were able to familiarize themselves with another four innovative products of the company:  
  • Ares V4 – Scout-Observational Dronoid,
  • Hermes V8 Cargo – Multipurpose Transport Dronoid,
  • Deep Guard – Specialist Underwater Dronoid,
  • Prometheus – Scout Invisible Dronoid with dispersion shields.
  Most of the above-mentioned Spartaqs’ unmanned aerial vehicles had their premiere at this year’s edition of the MSPO Expo   Both stands enjoyed great interest among representatives of services related to the defense of the country – the army, border and prison guards, navy, special forces, aviation, and others. Spartaqs’ booths were also visited by delegates of state institutions, foreign guests and representatives of the business world. A great distinction for Spartaqs was the visit of the Head of the National Security Office – Paweł Soloch, who devoted attention to the company’s products, showing a special interest in the innovative technology of Invisible Dronoid with dispersion coatings – Prometheus. The Iraqi delegation with the Ambassador of Iraq and the Chairman of the Ukrainian Delegation, Mr. Marshal Dymytro Sagajdak, also graced the company with their presence. The culminating moment of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation was honoring Mr. Sławomir Huczała, the main constructor and co-owner of the Spartaqs company, with an honorable medal awarded for his contribution to the development of Polish-Ukrainian friendship. A pleasant surprise was also the visit of the general, pilot Miroslaw Hermaszewski, who devoted his valuable time to getting acquainted with the innovations of Spartaqs.   All Spartaqs’ platforms presented at the IDIE 2018 aroused great interest of fair visitors, but two particular constructions were the most popular: Deep Guard– Specialist Underwater Dronoid and Prometheus – Invisible Dronoid with dispersion coatings. A huge surprise for the firm and a great distinction was honoring the company with a special fair award for innovative, invisible dronoid with dispersion coatings – Prometheus. This distinction is all the greater because it was given to the company in person by the President of the Kielce Trade Fair, Dr Andrzej Mochoń, as a special prize. In the justification for handing the prize to the company, the President of the Kielce Trade Fair Management Board explained that although the product has not yet obtained all the certificates and approvals required in the competition regulations, it is so innovative that the team of experts recognized that it is worth special distinction.   The success of Spartaqs at the Kielce Trade Fair IDIE 2018, which has been a showcase of the Polish industry for over a quarter of a century, is certainly a source of pride and a driving force for further action.   Video coverage of the Defender gala – XXVI International Defense Industry Exhibition IDIE can be viewed under the link     For more information about the XXVI International Defense Industry Exhibition IDIE at Targi Kielce, please visit: http://www.targikielce.pl/pl/mspo.htm


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