Spartaqs in the ‘LOTNICTWO Aviation International’ magazine

Aug 25, 2018 | Media about us

The Spartaqs company invites to read the article ‘We develop the wings’, published in the August special edition of the magazine ‘LOTNICTWO International Aviation’ 08/2018.


In an interview with Mr. Sławomir Huczała, the main constructor and co-owner of Spartaqs Sp. z o. o., can be found information on, i.a, the largest Spartaqs dronoid show at Droniada 2018, the first successful attempt to launch a rocket entirely made in 3D printing technology, as well as the company’s latest achievements.


An electronic version of the article can be found on the website of the Military Research and Analysis Team – ZBiAM under the link:See magazine 08/2018.


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