Portal logistyka.rp.pl about the flight of the dronoid Hermes V8MT over Warsaw, which showed Poland’s technological readiness to introduce safe UAV flights in the country

May 28, 2020 | Media about us

The Rzeczpospolita editorial office on the logistyka.rp.pl website has published an article by Robert Przybylski entitled “Polish infrastructure ready for drone flights”. 

In the article, the editor describes the first in Poland and Europe, successful medical transport between two hospitals located in Warsaw using the 

Hermes V8MT manufactured by Spartaqs, as well as technological and legislative readiness of Poland to introduce safe flights with the use of Unmanned Systems Flying in  the country.  

Three years of intensive development work and safety tests of the Hermes  platform have led to  the pioneering flight of a drone with a cargo module over the capital of Poland, and thus gave  the opportunity for other Polish comp anies and institutions to test the operation of their own technological solutions.

The article is available on  logistyka.rp.pl


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