Hermes V8MT dronoid successfully completed the first historic flight over Warsaw, transferring samples for SARS-CoV-2 testing between hospitals

Apr 30, 2020 | News

Transportation of the sample over Warsaw with the Hermes V8MT dronoid completed successfully! The dronoid flew the entire route between hospitals twice in automatic mode and landed safely without operator intervention. The first historic flight over the city of the transport dronoid Hermes V8MT produced by the Polish company Spartaqs Sp. z o.o. took place on April 29, 2020 in Warsaw and ran as planned, despite the falling rain and strong gusts of wind. Dronoid Hermes V8MT carried on board samples for testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus between two hospitals – the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw at Wołoska st., and the Central Clinical Hospital of the UCK WUM at Banacha Street. The Dronoid Hermes V8MT was created three years ago and has been constantly improved by Spartaqs constructors since then. Last year was a time of intensive tests, which were conducted, among others in the area of ​​the Centraleuropean Drone Demonstrator in Silesia, by courtesy of GZM (Upper Silesian – Zagłębie Metropolis). The tests included autonomous flights over a distance of 18 km, flights in bad weather (rain, snowstorm), as well as simulated emergency situations. Hermes V8MT is a platform that has been developed to transport urgent shipments in cities, including medical shipments such as blood, medicines and test samples. The Hermes dronoid has a special security features to protect the cargo compartment from being opened by unauthorized persons. The last tests ended on April 24 this year at the drone airport in Warsaw’s Wilanów, where Spartaqs obtained the final approval of the Hermes V8MT drone for automated BVLOS flights by the Civil Aviation Authority. Parallel to the tests of the Hermes drone, flight preparation and terrain analysis in its surroundings were underway. Both the preparations and the flight itself were supervised by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, which on the occasion of the Hermes V8MT flight conducted tests of the PansaUTM central drone location system. The organization of the event was joined by the TCCC tactical medicine experts of the Central Counter-Terrorism Subdivision of the Police “BOA” and the experts on unmanned aerial vehicles of the State Protection Service, who watched over the safety of this groundbreaking event. The rationale for using drones for medical transport during a coronavirus pandemic is indicated by the Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. The new type of transport is to help the health service efficiently transport samples for testing for the presence of the virus, which will be beneficial for the number of tests performed. The successful flight of the Hermes V8MT drone showed the readiness of Spartaqs Sp. z o.o. technologies for the implementation of an innovative drone transport services in and between cities. We’d like to present a video from this historical event.


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