Spartaqs dronoids to fight the COVID-19 pandemic on TVN Fact

Apr 7, 2020 | Media about us, News

During the coronavirus pandemic, Spartaqs decided to tailor its products to fight COVID-19. To this end, we have created low-cost versions of our dronoids to make them more easily available on the market.

  • Hermes V8M – medical transport dronoid
  • Hermes V8M – Esculepe – a thermal imaging drone with a pyrometer
  • Vector V4 – a drone with the possibility of communication through a megaphone
  • Heracles V8ASD – spraying / disinfecting dronoid

Dronoid for antiseptic spraying – Heracles, thanks to specially designed sprayers, can be used to disinfect areas and objects, taking 15 liters of liquid on board at once.

In addition, Heracles is equipped with an ultraviolet beam emitter that kills viruses and bacteria.
The modular design of our dronoids allows you to configure them in any way, depending on the task that will be assigned to them, which significantly increases their functionality.

We invite you to watch two films presenting dronoids Vector V4 and Vector V8. beside that – an  animation, which is presenting currently being constructed dronoid for antyseptic spraying – Heracles.

We also invite you to read the material of the editor Dariusz Prosiecki, who on the Fakty TVN talks about the use of dronoids in the fight against pandemics – Fakty TVN April 6, 2020.


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