According to the Spartaqs motto “Safety without compromise” we want the dronoids to be used with the highest possible standards of security, prudence and responsibility.
With the increase in the technological level and the growing capabilities of dronoids, our company pays special attention to safety. We think about security for both system operators and third parties who may be in the area of drone operation. The experience of Spartaqs in the construction of automated systems based on dronoids, allows to develop a concept and then to implement a system with advanced configuration and non-standard capabilities.

On a special order of uniformed services, it is possible to perform dedicated dronoides by Spartaqs. After sending the request for quotation, by an authorized person, to the address:, we will submit the inquiry to a thorough analysis and present an offer tailored to the specific needs.

The inquiry offer should:

  • specify the basic assumptions of the system operation,
  • define all relevant conditions,
  • indicate the needs and expected functionality of the system.

Spartaqs company reserves the right to withdraw from presenting a dedicated offer to the uniformed services, if the order cannot be executed due to legal or technological reasons.

Feel invited to cooperate with us and to submit queries.
Spartaqs will answer your questions. Our company will provide you with expert advice and assistance in obtaining an offer that is perfectly suited to your needs.