Vector V4s

The Vector V4s platform has been developed for the industry, utilities, civil service, and any other entity in which there is a need for highly specialized services. This is a universal multirotor which can be equipped with specialized modules as needed. Vector V4s is the most universal platform produced by Spartaqs company, targeted at a wide audience.

Construction features


Expansion Modules

High-quality optical apparatus which, in cooperation with dedicated software, enable geodetic measurements and the creation of orthophotomaps.

High-quality video cameras for inspection of levees, dams, data acquisition, observation of accident sites, and natural disasters by emergency services.

Infrared cameras for conducting inspections and thermal analyzes for industry and construction. Also used to monitor the migration of forest animals or count their populations.

FPV camera with OSD (mounted on the dronoid).

Full HD camera with adjustable zoom 60x – 120x.

Implemented directly with:

  • Mobile command station
  • Base command station
  • Wristop computer

Implemented indirectly:

  • through pre-planned mission which is run by commands

Optional control and positioning system based on distinctive site features, independent of GPS.

Mission accomplishment based on full cooperation with ground units.

Research and measurement equipment for air quality analysis as well as for monitoring emission of exhaust gases and pollution.

RHigh-power LED searchlights to illuminate the terrain of rescue action from the air.

Megaphone to transmit voice messages by appropriate service during assemblies or riots.

  • Tracker
  • Customizable lighting
  • Laser target illuminator
  • Directional microphone
  • Image analysis module for SAS (Self Aiming System)
  • Module increasing the transmission of image and data up to 10 km
  • Security module which prevents an unauthorized taking control of the dronoid
  • Diagnostic module analyzing the physical parameters of the drone during flight
  • Jammer interfering with data transmission, from cell phones to other radio systems
  • Base and mobile command station, three wristop computers to control and monitor the image from the dronoid
  • Possibility of implementing varieties for specific client needs


Vector V4s is the most universal platform produced by Spartaqs, targeted at a wide audience. This is a multirotor which can be retrofitted with specialized modules that make it a drone for a selected purpose. Therefore, its application is extremely wide and depends only on the implemented specialized module, available and selected for the client on his special order.