OWL Vision

OWL Vision is a specialized multirotor, designed for tasks requiring uninterrupted, long hours of hovering. Due to independence from internal power sources, the platform has the ability to hover in the air for unlimited hours. An integral part of the set is an off-road vehicle, equipped with a power supply for the platform, which is also a dronoid control center. OWL Vision is supplied with observation modules (infrared, zoom cameras) and listening modules. The on-board control unit, which is situated on the off-road vehicle, is equipped with all necessary optical and sonographic analyzers.

The innovative feature of this device is the ability to perform autonomous missions independently of the main application. Upon detection of a threat, which coincides with a predefined event matrix, the device is able to release the power harness and perform a reconnaissance flight towards the detected threat and return to the operator area. It is possible due to an independent power package which is not started when tethered. The system also allows to respond to any external situation and to carry out activities directly through the operator.

Construction features


Expansion Modules

  • Three-axis camera on gimbal
  • Full HD camera with adjustable zoom x60
  • 4K camera with zoom x90
  • FHD camera with zoom 120x
  • 360° FHD camera
  • Infrared camera (various variants)
  • 3D HD camera
  • Night Vision camera
  • FPV HD camera

Implemented directly by the command station installed in the vehicle.

  • Wrist - top computer

Implemented indirectly indirectly through pre-planned mission which is run by commands.

  • Pyrometer
  • Contamination analysis module
  • Data retransmission module from other drones
  • Image analysis module for SAS (Self Aiming System)
  • Radar sonic to detect other (enemy) dronoids in the air
  • Drone tracking module - tracker for increasing operating distance
  • Diagnostic module analyzing the physical parameters of the drone during flight
  • Emergency power supply package (included)
  • Customizable lighting


As a result of locating the platform on the off-road vehicle it is fully mobile. It can be used by both military units and civil service. The platform can be used wherever, due to the dynamic situation or external conditions, it is not possible to use a stationary monitoring system. Along with the command station built into the vehicle, the dronoid is an excellent observation center.