Spartaqs in the ‘Investment Market’ magazine


We invite to read the article ‘Soon there will be a boom on drones’ published in the latest edition of the magazine ‘Investment Market’ 18/2018.

In an interview for the magazine, Mr. Sławomir Huczała, co-owner and main constructor of Spartaqs, talks about the development and future of drones in Poland and Europe, technologies tailored to customers by Spartaqs design office, and the impact of unmanned aircraft on the defense capabilities of the state.

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Below is a translation of the text from the BME-3 Report, page 11:

Soon there will be a boom on drones

In the coming years a lot of new professions and specializations related to drones will be created and it will become common not only to obtain a license for piloting a drone, but also to obtain specialization in the service of its functionality – says Sławomir Huczała, co-owner and main constructor of Spartaqs Sp. z o.o.


Drones are systematically gaining popularity and are increasingly used, both amateur and for professional purposes. What is the future for the unmanned aircraft?


– We are convinced that this field will develop very dynamically, and what we are currently observing is not even the beginning of this path. The boom, which will soon take place, will be visible and noticeable both in Poland and throughout Europe.

In the coming years a lot of new professions and specializations related to drones will be created and it will become common not only to obtain a license for piloting a drone, but also to obtain specialization in the field of service its functionality, which will become more and more widespread over time. New markets for drone technology will open and we will certainly have a big boost in this field. Drones will affect both the economic sphere, security and everyday life.

Spartaqs has its own design office. Are emerging projects implemented for specific orders, tailored to the individual needs of users?

– Spartaqs does not have a construction office, Spartaqs is the construction office, and drones are one of several areas that we deal with. We are interested in broadly understood automation and robotics, including these based on dronoids (dronoid – this term is used to define professional, multitasking, automated robots that can perform tasks without human intervention. This name is intended to distinguish professional UAVs from other amateur structures. The constructions that are created in our company are either the result of our own development work and vision of the future in this area or the result of cooperation with our clients, emerging as turnkey solutions that carry out specific tasks for them.

What are the leading applications of drones leaving your construction office?

– First of all, we focus on the recipient who reports to us his own needs or outlines the task that is ahead of him. We do not limit our customers to the offer. We dedicate constructions to any challenges and tasks, trying not to narrow our specialization to a specific field. We do flying, riding and floating dronoids, and all these machines have many common features. So we can say that our core business is to create a platform that can perform tasks entrusted to it in an automated way, no matter what environment it will work in – whether in the air, in water or on land.

What are the innovative solutions introduced by the company team? To what extent the uniqueness of the developed technologies gives an advantage over the competition and allows to appear on the international arena?

– The solutions we propose very precisely respond to the needs of our customers, and this means that the products created are very specific. An example of such a product can be dronoid, which was created in cooperation with the Border Guard. There was a need for secretive observation from the air, and for this purpose it was necessary to make the dronoid the least conspicuous. We have therefore made a product with dispersion shields. This technology – currently patented – allows for almost perfect optical masking. After activating these shields, the dronoid takes on the color and saturation of the ambient background. In conclusion, in the sky the dronoid shines with its own light and becomes invisible to the human eye. This technology is unique on a global scale and to our knowledge it is the only device of this type. Today we have a prototype – demonstrator that shows the principle of operation and the possibilities of this camouflage. This technology received the ‘Diamond State Security Leader 2018’ award at this year’s Gala, organized under the patronage of the NSB Chief. This is the first example.

The second one is the creation of a device that would be able to perform complicated tasks in a water environment for a long time, because various drone-like bathyscaphes for scientific, military and research tasks were created on the market, but they had a lot of shortcomings. One of them is the restriction due to the power cord that was brought to this device. Another limitation is the working time, the lack of communication possibilities due to the fact that the radio wave propagates badly in the water environment. Due to the above, radio control of such devices is very difficult. That is why in our company a project of dronoid called Deep Guard was created, which is adapted to completely autonomous, multi-week work at sea. It is not limited by the power cord, it can re-transmit the image in FHD quality from the depth to the surface and has many other unique features.

When it comes to competition, of course we follow what is happening on the market and solutions proposed by other companies, but in our work we focus primarily on solving specific tasks using our constructions. We want them to even better meet the needs of customers. We believe that the technologies we are patenting at the moment are definitely better than what the market proposes and we are not afraid of competitive solutions.

Spartaqs is this year’s winner of the award in the State Security Leader competition. What decided about this prestigious award?

– When creating our technologies, we always try to go beyond the generally accepted schemes, constructions or solutions. It seems to us that this uncompromisingness  and innovativeness of solutions proposed by us have decided to grant us the prestigious award by the competition’s jury, which is also a great honor and stimulus for our further action. Previously discussed devices – invisible dronoid Prometheus,  underwater dronoid Deep Guard, as well as the Dronoid OWL Vision (observation platform on a tether) as constructions have many unique features, which are not to be found in other structures of this type.

To what extent unmanned aerial vehicles and flying systems affect the state’s defense capabilities? Can they be considered as a product constituting the future of security and economic services?

– In our opinion and observation of what is happening on the market, drones are certainly a future that will soon become an essential element of our lives. We are observing the beginning of this road and in the nearest future a lot of constructions will be created that give new opportunities to special services and the army. These structures will be created not only in Poland, but also in centers that can take actions harmful to our country. That’s why it becomes crucial to have our own devices and master this technology to make it easier to fight foreign UAVs and the hazards associated with them.

If we do not work on a given field, we do not know what to expect. While developing knowledge in this field and creating drone technology in our country, Poland – we are getting familiar with the problem of unmanned vehicles, we are able to better understand their functioning, as well as the possibilities they offer. The drone market has it that it does not require very large financial expenditures, such as the construction of satellites or other very expensive defense systems. Countries like Poland, which do not have a very large financial base, but have strong intellectual thought, can cope well in this field and become a market leader.

How important is cooperation with science institutes for you? With what research units the company cooperates and what are the most important completed and planned projects that are the result of cooperation between business and science?

– We work with several research centers in the country and individually with specialists and scientists from many fields. We have signed cooperation agreements with, among others, the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, where we consult our projects and we are currently expanding the scope of works, as well as with the Lublin University of Technology. Projects jointly created with scientific centers include the OWL project – ‘Dronoid on a tether’ and the project of the invisible dronoid – Prometheus. In addition, we implement projects with the participation of private entities that are as important to us as scientific centers.

In technologies in which we do not feel so strong, including e.g. rocket technologies, we do not carry out the work ourselves. Instead, we share certain areas with partner companies. For our project ARL (Aerostatic Rocket Launch Platform) we have invited such companies as Space Forest and Near Space, specializing in the rocket industry, where we are just getting started. In our work, we focus on what we know, and in areas where we need support, we cooperate with other entities or with research centers or individually with specialists in given fields and entities from a given industry.


Talked by Mariusz Gryżewski

Translated by Monika Danel


Spartaqs Sp. z o.o. was established in 2014 and specializes in the design and production of unmanned flying, floating and driving systems. The company’s mission is to create new technological solutions and combine them with existing ones in order to obtain products that give new possibilities and functionality previously unachievable on the market.

In this way, devices are created that are fully adapted and prepared to perform the tasks entrusted to them, especially in those areas where previous solutions fail or require a completely new perspective and method of implementation.

Spartaqs’ systems are characterized by intuitiveness in use and safety in operation, without unnecessary charging the user with technical aspects. In its activities, Spartaqs uses the motto: ‘Safety without Compromises’.


All projects and technological solutions are created from scratch by our own design office. Thanks to this, Spartaqs is able to dynamically adapt its technology and solutions to customer needs and individualize the project to the specific expectations of a given industry.


Spartaqs dedicates its products to industry, civil services, individual clients and uniformed services. As a result, the company is able to meet various requirements with respect to each of these groups of recipients.