#RZECZOBIZNESIE Sławomir Huczała – Dronoids, that is Drones for special tasks.


Mr. Sławomir Huczała, inventor, drones constructor and owner of Spartaqs LLC was a guest of Paweł Rożyński’s program in TV Rzeczpospolita. The program was broadcasted on 28th December 2018.

“We are manufacturing automated robots capable of carrying out autonomous missions on land, in air and underwater. We called them Dronoids. The device should work by itself, wherever the trained operator is not required” he explained in the interview. Mr. Huczała highlighted that Polish law regulations are the best in Europe in terms of Drones and adaptation to local realities. “We are the market leaders. We are waiting for the regulations regarding the U-Space and this is the moment for boom. When the cities get the space above them up to 150 meters, the dronoids will come into it and the market boom will start” – he forecasted.

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