The “It Works” award for Spartaqs at Poznań 4.0


On October 4-5, 2019, Spartaqs took part at the conference and exhibition ‘Poznań 4.0. Industry of the future: it works, it pays for itself” at the Poznań International Fair.

During the event, Jadwiga Emilewicz, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, was present, who officially started the event.

During the event, Sławomir Huczała, a co-owner and main designer of Spartaqs, received the “It works!” Honorary Award for creating technological devices that have been implemented and support the digital transformation of the Polish economy.

Thank you for the recognition of the Platform of the Future Industry Foundation and the Institute Mikromakro Foundation.

Coverage of awards ceremony on the Spartaqs Group profile.

Sławomir Huczała took part in a live interview conducted by Sławomir Kosieliński, President of the Institute Mikromakro Foundation, as well as the organizer of the event, on the subject of “Drones in air transport. When the robotized transport really starts working. ”

The pictorial way in which he presented the subject of unmanned aerial vehicles, the possibilities and areas of their use, as well as the degree of development of this branch of the economy in Poland and in the world, was appreciated by the audience and was one of the few presentations to be applauded.

We invite you to listen to the conversation.


Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to see the Spartaqs construction:

  • Hermes V8M multi-purpose transport drone, equipped with a special container for medical transport,
  • Ares V4 II reconnaissance-observation dronoid in a new version,
  • Deep Guard specialized underwater drone.

Our stand was visited by Minister Emilewicz, to whom we presented our technologies.

Below the video coverage from the event.

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