Hermes V8 Cargo - transport dronoid

HERMES V8M transport dronoid is a multi-rotor designed primarily to perform computerized automated missions that can be carried out both during the day and at night, and in difficult weather conditions.

The ancestor of the construction is the Vector V8S dronoid by Spartaqs, from which the best solutions were taken and implemened for heavy-duty applications.

The use of 8 high-power engines and doubling the supply voltage in relation to the base structure allowed to increase the working capacity of the platform to eight kilograms (up to 20 kg of take-off weight). Thanks to this, the dronoid is able to carry heavier and more perfect optoelectronic or measuring devices, inaccessible to smaller constructions.

Hermes has the redundancy of all necessary circuits. Power supply from two cells enables the generation of significant instantaneous power, thanks to which the dronoid is also stable in adverse weather conditions and is suitable for heavy-duty work.

In addition, Hermes is equipped with a transport container that can successfully transport medicines, dressings and other loads in urban conditions or in hard-to-reach areas.

In peace, it can be used as an air transport (Hermes V8Mc – cargo dronoid) in the city as part of the U-space program (drones in the city and in the service of man), as well as as an air corridor of life, which gives the opportunity to quickly get to the place and provide initial help victims in a random event. It can also carry blood, medicines, medical samples and transplant organs. It will be invaluable help in searching for missing persons in difficult terrain, as well as in managing crowds at assemblies or during rescue operations (the dronoid may have a megaphone mounted).

Hermes can also be helpful during armed conflicts, transporting medicines, dressings and blood to difficult areas of operation, as well as measuring and communication devices. By using high-quality optical imaging equipment, Hermes can search and track thermally active objects. It can perform its tasks in difficult weather and environmental conditions.

The Hermes transport dronoid is an innovative, 100% Polish solution that provides support for both civilian units operating in peacetime and for military units operating in conflict. A similar structure that is able to efficiently and quickly move transport loads up to 8 kg is nowhere to be found on the market.

HERMES V8M was honored with the award in the “Innovative Product” category at the awards gala of the 6th edition of the “State Security Leader 2019 – Innovations for Security and Defense” and was also recognized by experts appointed by the Industrial Design Institute for the “Good Design 2019” competition, where he received the distinction and became the “Finalist of the Good Design 2019 competition”.

Construction features


Expansion modules

  • High quality optical equipment with thermovision, enabling search and tracking of thermally active objects
  • A set of pyrometric sensors for determining the surface temperature of the tracked object
  • Vision camera with tilt adjustment, enabling observation directly below the platform
  • Closed battery compartment to prevent cooling at low ambient temperature a
  • Position lighting to locate the drone at night
  • Removable, multi-module cargo container for medical or other transport, according to customer needs
  • Radio telemetryczne do bezprzewodowej komunikacji z dronoidem (programowanie misji automatycznych, podgląd statusu misji)
  • Telemetry radio for wireless communication with the dronoid (programming of automatic missions, monitoring the status of the mission)
Implemented directly with the help of:
  • Mobile Command Station
  • Base Command Station
  • Wristop computer
Implemented indirectly:
  • through pre-planned mission which is run by commands
Optional control system:
  • optional control and positioning system based on distinctive site features, independent of GPS