HSD ARES - Hybrid Sky Drone

Ares class dronoids, as the flagship products of the Spartaqs company, are the largest multirotor drones currently available on the domestic market. It is the first platform developed and constructed from the ground up in Poland. This platform is aimed to successfully carry out missions in extreme conditions, both within visual line of sight (VLOS) and beyond it (BVLOS).

Construction features


Expansion Modules

  • FPV camera with OSD (mounted on the dronoid)
  • Thermal camera
  • Full HD camera with adjustable zoom x60
  • 4K camera with zoom x90
  • Night Vision camera
Implemented directly with:
  • Mobile command station
  • Base command station
  • Wrist - top computer
Implemented indirectly:
  • through pre-planned mission which is run by commands
Optional control system:
  • optional control and positioning system based on distinctive site features, independent of GPS
  • Tracker
  • Pyrometer
  • Customizable lighting
  • Laser target illuminator
  • Contamination analysis module
  • Image analysis module for SAS (Self Aiming System)
  • Module increasing the transmission of image and data up to 10 km
  • Security module which prevents an unauthorized taking control of the dronoid
  • Diagnostic module analyzing the physical parameters of the drone during flight
  • Jammer interfering with data transmission, from cell phones to other radio systems
  • Base and mobile command station, three wristop computers to control and monitor the image from the dronoid
  • Possibility of implementing varieties for specific client needs


The platform can be used wherever Heavy Duty equipment is required to carry out observation, reconnaissance, research and analytical missions in difficult or extreme conditions. Units can be optionally equipped with cargo space to carry loads .

Dronoids Ares class are fully compatible with the Dronet network.